The goddess I met today

Chimobi Nwachukwu

By Chimobi Nwachukwu

I was inside this taxi with my fellow gentlemen, every body was minding his business someone like me was busy with my phone. We got to a particular junction where there was traffic, suddenly a girl stepped out from the street. This girl was looking like the early morning flower, very beautiful, fair and tall.

I didn’t know what was happening until one guy inside the taxi shouted oh men see babe!! Every body inside the taxi looked up, truly the babe is very fine.

You know that kind fine you go see you will be looking for one fault to disqualify her but truly there was none. Every body was now enjoying the traffic because she was standing looking for a taxi. She turned down personal drops. One guy from one bus shouted babe you are sweet. She became shy and uncomfortable from the way people were staring at her that she decided to walk down and stand at a point.

I discovered my driver was driving slowly so the girl will not leave our sight. I was just observing the 2 young guys and a married man inside the taxi. I saw they were just wishing they could just get her number. She was finally out of sight every body’s brain reset, they were coming to the reality we are still in traffic.

Immediately our car moved the married man inside the taxi took a very deep breath and said in Igbo “Nkem ji ka” (a bird at hand is better than thousand birds in the forest).

Every body inside the taxi including me burst into laughter. The statement cracked us up. We don’t need any man to tell us that the man is trying to reassure himself that his wife is far better than the girl.

After laughing, I drew a lesson from the man’s “nkem ji ka”. Love is beyond feelings and emotions. Emotions and feelings can fail you. Love is a commitment. You are committed to stay with this person no matter who you meet tomorrow. You will definitely meet someone you think is better than your spouse both physically, spiritually and intellectually.

You will definitely meet people that will make you think “hope I didn’t make mistake?” You will be asking yourself whether to quit and go for this person? Love is 100%commitment. Since you have committed to stick to your partner, there is no going back. God the definition of love had shown us that when He gave us Jesus, He was committed to redeem man even when we always hurt Him.

So, If you are not ready to commit and stick to your partner despite all odds, just stay away from relationship and marriage.

Love is commitment.

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