Nigerians oppose moves to restrict use of social media


#EndSARS protesters

Nigerians have continued to express their opposition to a bill proposing to regulate the use of social media in Nigeria.

They expressed their views on the bill through social media.

Recall OejNews reported that there have been recent calls for the regulation of social media, with the government blaming the use of social media for the spread of fake news and inciteful comments during the #EndSARS protests.

The bill titled “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill 2019” was sponsored by Senator Mohammed Sani Musa on the 5th of November, 2019.

Calls from government officials to regulate social media in Nigeria have been met with fierce resistance, saying it infringes on the rights of Nigerians to express themselves.

Below are some reactions from Twitter:

The way we are going to resist the SOCIAL MEDIA BILL, they will wish they never started it in the first place. #EndSARS is small.
— Comrade Deji Adeyanju (@adeyanjudeji) November 2, 2020

They never expected that we will Soro Soke. E shock them.
Now they want to silence us. That time has passed. We refuse to be gagged. #SayNoToSocialMediaBill
— Rinu #EndSARS (@SavvyRinu) November 3, 2020

The #EndSARS protest hit them where they didn’t expect it. Social Media was the greatest tool
That’s why they’re so focused on Social Media Bill than the Massacre going on in Nigeria. We keep exposing them on Social Media. They want to take that away.
— Trouble Maker (G.O) (@ObongRoviel) November 3, 2020

We shocked them with #EndSARS, now they want to off our mic.
— Olúyẹmí Fásípè (@YemieFASH) November 3, 2020

The Army will say Fake News and if you oppose, you’ll go to Jail. You can’t question Government Officials Social media Handles. This #EndSARS Protest wouldn’t have gotten the results it got if not for social media. That’s why we must #SayNoToSocialMediaBill
We need to Soro Soke.
— Trouble Maker (G.O) (@ObongRoviel) November 3, 2020

They’ve taken everything away from us but just because we asked to stay alive, they also want to take away the voice of the masses.
— E (@iamOkon) November 3, 2020

The same energy you gave to the
#EndSARS movement that brought the attention it needed, give it to to speaking against the social media bill. Call your family & friends. Tell your parents that they want to regulate their wozzop & Facebook. Tell everybody!
— ebele. (@ebelee_) November 3, 2020

Do the right thing now you have power so you don’t become an emergency activist using noise and drama to fight against things you have a chance to fix with your authority/mandate
— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa)
November 3, 2020

I am Dr Olufunmilayo and I
How about you? Pass this on.
— #OurFavOnlineDoc (@DrOlufunmilayo) November 3, 2020

If there was a Social Media Bill. Every video evidence we brought of their atrocities would have been flagged as ”hate speech”. And anyone sharing videos of killings by the Army & Police would be in Jail by now. That Bill must not pass, call your Lawmakers. #EndSARS
— William (@_SirWilliam_)
November 2, 2020

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