It is too soon to congratulate Joe Biden — Mexican President

Andres Manual Lopez Obrador

Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has said that it was too soon to congratulate Joe Biden and he would wait for “all legal issues” in the United States (US) presidential election to be resolved.

He told reporters this on Saturday.

According to Lopez Obrador, “We don’t want to be imprudent. We don’t want to act lightly and we want to respect people’s self-determination and rights”.

He noted that his country has good relationship with President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Lopez Obrador said, “We have a very good relationship with the two candidates.

“President Trump has been very respectful with us and we have reached very good agreements, and we thank him because he has not interfered and has respected us.”

And “the same” go for Biden, Lopez Obrador added.

Recall that President Donald Trump has launched a slew of legal challenges and refused to concede after the major US television networks announced Biden’s win.

The Republican sparked anger during his 2016 election campaign when he branded Mexican migrants “rapists” and drug dealers and vowed to build a wall across the southern US border.

But Lopez Obrador has managed to maintain cordial relations with Trump and even visited him in July on his first foreign trip since taking office.

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