Ghastly accident — Department of English mourns the death of COOU students

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The Department of English of Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) has mourned the death of two students of the institution that died as a result of a ghastly motor accident that happened yesterday at Ezinkwo Road in Igbariam, Anambra state.

Recall Oejnews reported that one of the students that died was from Department of English and her name is Maureen Anyachor (Mandy).

In reaction to the demise of the two students, the President of Department of English, Comrade Kosisochukwu Kingsley Nwasodolu, expressed that the department is still in shock over the incident that resulted to the deaths of two students, Maureen Anyachor (Mandy) of English Department and Ifeoma Anusionwu of Philosophy Department.

He urged COOU students to engage in prayers because the days are evil.

Nwasodulo appreciated God for two students of the department that survived the ugly incident.

The Departmental President also appreciated the school authority and students who offered help during and after the fatal accident.

He said, “We are still basked in utter shock as to the incidents that claimed the lives of two students within 24 hours. Anyachor Maureen (Mandy) of English and Anusionwu Ifeoma of Philosophy. The subsequent incidents of two other accidents only spells that the days are evil and that we ought to drench in prayers.

“Ephesians 6:12- For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

“Amidst many blames ranging from gross inadequate of road bumps, senseless overspending, insensitive Road users, I only urge the COOU students to vent maximum anger in prayers amidst paying heed to the aforementioned.

“Two students from the Department of English survived to the glory of God with minor bruises. And I would want to appreciate in a very special way both students and school authorities who availed themselves to be used by God.

“Rotr, Comr. Okoye Kayitochukwu G. (Dept of English) who without hesitation donated blood for the Philosophy student. God bless you!
Comr. Chukwuemeka Divine (Oshe- SUG PRO), the only visible exco of the Union body for his tireless efforts from the school through hospital to the mortuary. God bless you! Comr Gerald (President, Philosophy Dept), my fellow aggrieved brother. Thanks for those gingers that placed aside the lackadaisical attitude of the medical practitioners.

“Prof Greg Nwokaoby( VC), Dr Ananti (Dean Student Affairs), Dr FA Okeke (HOD English), Mrs Ifeoma Akabuike (Nasels Academic Adviser), Comr Aniagor Franklin (SERD). Brother indeed, Comr Odikaesieme Noble Elvis. Daalu, Comr Kurume Chinonso, Comr ArinzeChukwu Gideon (SUG President). Thanks for many calls checkmating the situation of things at intervals. Comr Umeh Christian (Deputy speaker) NASELS FAMILY OF PARTISANS (FOP).

“Thanks and God bless you all for Posterity! Ozoemezina!, we pray for the repose of the dead amidst beckoning on appropriate authorities to take precautionary measures! Echi ga adị mma.”

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