DJ Cuppy shares with fans her driving force in 2020

DJ Cuppy

By Chinyere Omeje

A Popular Nigerian DJ, Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, told fans on an instagram life session that 2020 has indeed been a tough year for everybody.

In her words she said, “I have not been around but I miss you so much. It has been a tough time for us.

I have been going through it; our country has been going through it. I just want to say I care about you and I believe everything will be okay.”

I didn’t feel like this a few days ago but I am better now. We are stronger than we think. Everything will be okay.”

The young lady also insisted that she would try within her power to make a difference.

“This year has been difficult for everybody― it has been tough and dark.”

“I want you to know that we all have purpose for our lives. My purpose is what keeps me going. I am so grateful and lucky to have your support.”

“I will never take for granted what I am given. Thanks for being patient with me. I will always do what I can to make a difference.”

This is what I am doing now; I am just sending you positivity and love,” Cuppy added.

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